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AABB Immigration – Legally Admissible DNA Test



Alltests partner laboratory is an approved Immigration and Naturalization Service/Department of Human Services supplier for immigration DNA testing, and provides government agencies, local embassies and immigration clients with result interpretation as requested. Our partner lab is fully accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

We have lowest DNA testing pricing starting at only $325 for most embassy locations!

In immigration DNA cases either paternity or maternity tests may be performed, or a DNA Relationship Test can be used to identify a biological relationship with a family member other than a mother or father. We may for example be able to test one’s aunt or uncle to determine that he or she is related to a niece or nephew.

We provide DNA testing consultation for each immigration test to guide you through the test process, ensuring that the most appropriate family members are selected for verification and accuracy.

  • All Immigration Case test fees include legally admissible paperwork.
  • Additional ship charges may apply, a customer service representative will contact you regarding additional shipping charges.
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Tested Parties
2 alleged relatives
Most accurate test in industry


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