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Drug Test Dip Cards and strips

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At Home Urine Drug Tests

Urine drug testing is very common in lots of employment or legal situations. For a urine test, you will go to a test site and go to a designated bathroom to provide your sample.

Because these tests are not taken in plain view, this is something that makes urine tests easy with which to tamper. This is one of the reasons why places are starting to use other forms of drug testing.
While the results of these tests are quick and accurate, the detection time of a urine test is generally quite short (a few hours to a few days depending on the substance).

For example, some substances can be detected for a few days in urine, but could show up for up to 90 days in a hair follicle drug test. Urinalysis drug tests are easy to pass using various products. Easy at home drug test kit supplies make it simple for you to know if drugs are showing up in your urine.

Types of Urine Drug Test Products

  • Drug Test Dip Cards

These dip cards are found in two categories with single panel dip cards and multi panel dip cards. Single dip cards will help you test for just one specific substance, while multi panel tests like a 5 or 12 panel, can test for various drugs at once.
You can be assured that at home test kits like these are safe and can be used to detect a wide range of substances.


Individual panel urine tests are quick, easy, and accurate to use at home. The single panel tests are great options to test for individual substances.

For example, you can know if marijuana is present in your system in just a few moments with a THC urine test or you can test your urine for alcohol with the use of an EtG urine alcohol test.
With at home drug tests, you can take important steps to get ready for your upcoming drug test. Drug test strips help you to easily monitor your urine for drugs before a drug test.

To use them, you get your urine sample, dip the panels in it and the results will appear as to what is showing up in your urine.
These urinalysis drug tests are FDA and OTC (Over The Counter) approved and have a lab-like accuracy rate of 99%.

Instant results and high quality design make these home urine drug tests reliable and sturdy. CLIA waived dip card test kits can be used at home or in a professional setting, making them productive for various uses.
Tests like a SINGLE PANEL SPICE URINE TEST will help you detect the substance spice in your urine. By using instant drug tests, you will help set yourself up for success to pass a urine drug screen.

Once you know what drug metabolites are detected in your system, you can decide what drug detox method or urine replacement products you want to use to pass your test.