One Step Oxycodone Test Device



The following table lists substances that are detected positive in urine by the OXY One Step Oxycodone Drug Test at 5 minutes. Cutoff represents, in nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml), the concentration of the substance required to yield a positive reading. A lower Cutoff indicates greater sensitivity to the substance.

Quantity Price Each
 1 to 24  $1.99
 25 to 99   $1.75
 100 and up   $1.49
Compound Synonyms / Brand Names Cutoff (ng/ml)
Oxycodone Dihydrohydroxycodeinone; Combunox; Dinarkon; Diphydrone; Endocet; Endodan; Endone; Eubine; Eucodal; Eucodalum; Eukodal; Eutagen; Oxanest; Oxicon; Oxicone; Oxikon; OxyFAST; OxyIR; OxyNorm; ; Oxycodon; Oxycon;Oxycontin; Pancodine; Percobarb; Percocet; Percodan; Percolone; Remoxy; Rivacocet; Roxicet; Roxicodone; Roxiprin; Supendol; Supeudol; Tecodin; Tekodin; Thecodine; Thekodin; Tylox 100
Codeine Morphine methylester; Methylmorphine; Codicept; Coducept; Tylenol with Codeine 50,000
Dihydrocodeine DHC; Paracodeine; Parzone; Codhydrine; Codidol; Contugesic; DH-Codeine; Dekacodin; Dico; Dicogesic; Didor Continus; Didrate; Dihydrin; Drocode; Fortuss; Hydrocodin; Nadeine; Novicodin; Panlor; Paracodin; Rapacodin; Remedeine; Rikodeine; SS Bron; Synalgos DC 12,500
Ethylmorphine Codethyline; Dionine; EtM 25,000
Hydrocodone Dihydrocodeinone; Bekadid; Codinovo; Dico; Dicodid; Multacodin; Vicodin 1,562
Hydromorphone Dihydromorphinone; DiMo; Dilaudid; Dimorphone; Hymorphan; Idromorfone; Laudacon; Laudicon; Novolaudon; Palladone; Paramorphan 12,500
Oxymorphone Numorphan; Opana 1,562
Thebaine Paramorphine 50,000


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