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Legally Admissible Paternity DNA Test



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Tested Parties
1 child, 1 alleged father & mother
99.99% and above
Standard Results In
2-5 working days
Legally Admissible Test:

Paternity test results can be used for many different legal purposes, including child support and child custody cases, estate and inheritance determination, and immigration and adoption. To ensure that the DNA test results are legally defensible, you must undergo legal paternity testing through which chain of custody is maintained. The legal DNA test is the same high quality DNA test as the in-home paternity test, but all of the samples must be collected by a neutral third party, never by you or another tested party.
Sample Collection Instructions:

You will receive a DNA sample collection kit that contains swabs and envelopes that you can use to mail your samples back to us. This kit contains detailed instructions for sample collection and shipping. To collect a persons DNA sample, simply rub the swab against the inside cheek. Send the samples to our laboratorywe will extract DNA from these cell samples and run the DNA paternity test.


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