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Marijuana, Cocaine, and Opiate Drug Screen Test Card



The following table lists substances that are detected positive in urine by the One Step 3-Panel Drug Test: THC-COC-OPI at 5 minutes. Cutoff represents, in nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml), the concentration of the substance required to yield a positive reading. A lower Cutoff indicates greater sensitivity to the substance.

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Panel Target Drug Cutoff(ng/ml)
THC 11-nor-D9-THC-9 50
COC Benzoylecgonine 300
OPI Morphine 2,000
THC – Marijuana Panel
Compound Description / Synonyms Cutoff(ng/ml)
11-nor-D9-THC-9 Marijuana’s primary metabolite; D9-THC-COOH; 11-nor-D9-Tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid 50
Cannabinol Marijuana ingredient; CBN 20,000
11-nor-D8-THC-9 Marijuana metabolite; D8-THC-COOH; 11-nor-D8-Tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid 30
D8-THC Marijuana ingredient; THC; Tetrahydrocannabinol; D8-trans-Tetrahydrocannabinol 15,000
D9-THC Marijuana’s primary active ingredient; THC; Tetrahydrocannabinol; D9-trans-Tetrahydrocannabinol 15,000
COC – Cocaine Panel
Compound Description / Synonyms Cutoff(ng/ml)
Benzoylecgonine Cocaine’s primary metabolite 300
Cocaethylene Cocaine metabolite; Ethylbenzoylecgonine 12,500
Cocaine HCl Cocaine; Methylbenzoylecgonine 780
Ecgonine HCl Cocaine metabolite 32,000
OPI – Opiates Panel
Compound Description / Synonyms / Brand Names Cutoff(ng/ml)
Morphine Heroin metabolite; Apokyn; Astramorph; Avinza; Depodur; Dulcontin; Duromorph; Epimorph; Kadian; M-Eslon; M.O.S; MS/L; MS/S; MSIR; Meconium; Morfina; Morphia; Morphine Extra-Forte; Morphine Forte; Morphine H.P; Morphinism; Morphitec; Morphium; Moscontin; Ms Contin; Nepenthe; OMS Concentrate; Oramorph SR; Ospalivina; Paregorique; RMS Uniserts; Rescudose; Roxanol; Statex 2,000
Codeine Morphine methylester; Methylmorphine; Codicept; Coducept; Tylenol with Codeine 2,000
Ethylmorphine Codethyline; Dionine; EtM 5,000
Hydrocodone Dihydrocodeinone; Bekadid; Codinovo; Dico; Dicodid; Multacodin; Vicodin 12,500
Hydromorphone Dihydromorphinone; DiMo; Dilaudid;Dimorphone; Hymorphan; Idromorfone; Laudacon; Laudicon; Novolaudon; Palladone; Paramorphan 5,000
Levorphanol Antalgin; Aromarone; Cetarin; Dromoran; Lemoran 75,000
6-Monoacetylmorphine Heroin metabolite 5,000
Morphine 3-B-D-glucuronide Morphine metabolite; M3G 2,000
Norcodeine Codeine metabolite; Desmethylcodeine 12,500
Normorphone Morphine metabolite; Desmethylmorphine 50,000
Oxycodone Dihydrohydroxycodeinone; Combunox; Dinarkon; Diphydrone; Endocet; Endodan; Endone; Eubine; Eucodal; Eucodalum; Eukodal; Eutagen; Oxanest; Oxicon; Oxicone; Oxikon; OxyFAST; OxyIR; OxyNorm; ; Oxycodon; Oxycon; Oxycontin; Pancodine; Percobarb; Percocet; Percodan; Percolone; Remoxy; Rivacocet; Roxicet; Roxicodone; Roxiprin; Supendol; Supeudol; Tecodin; Tekodin; Thecodine; Thekodin; Tylox 25,000
Oxymorphone Numorphan; Opana 25,000
Procaine Diethylaminoethyl P-Aminobenzoate; Allocaine; Anticort; Duracaine; Duracillin A.S.; Gerovital H3; Jenacain; Jenacaine; Neocaine; Nesacaine; Nissocaine; Norocaine; Novocain; Novocaine; Penicillin G Procaine; Pfizerpen-As; Procain; Scurocaine; Spinocaine 150,000
Thebaine Paramorphine 100,000

100 to up


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