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One Step Methadone Test Device



The following table lists substances that are detected positive in urine by the MTD One Step Methadone Drug Test at 5 minutes. Cutoff represents, in nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml), the concentration of the substance required to yield a positive reading. A lower Cutoff indicates greater sensitivity to the substance.

Quantity Price Each
 1 to 24  $1.99
 25 to 99   $1.75
 100 and up   $1.49


Compound Brand Names Cutoff (ng/ml)
Methadone Adanon; Adolan; Algidon; Algolysin; Algovetin; Althose hydrochloride; Amidon; Amidone; Butalgin; Depridol; Diaminon hydrochloride; Dolofin hydrochloride; Dolohepton; Dolophin; Dolophin hydrochloride; Dolophine; Dolophine HCL; Fenadon; Fenadone; Heptadon; Heptadone; Heptanon; Ketalgin; Ketalgin hydrochloride; Mecodin; Mephenon; Methadone HCL Intensol; Methadone M; Methadose; Methaquaione; Miadone; Moheptan; Phenadone; Physeptone; Polamidon; Polamidone; Tussol; Westadone 300
Doxylamine Diclectin; Nyquil 50,000


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