One Step Barbiturates Test Device



The following table lists substances that are detected positive in urine by the BAR One Step Barbiturates Drug Test at 5 minutes. Cutoff represents, in nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml), the concentration of the substance required to yield a positive reading. A lower Cutoff indicates greater sensitivity to the substance.

Quantity Price Each
 1 to 24  $1.99
 25 to 99   $1.75
 100 and up   $1.49


Compound Synonyms / Brand Names Cutoff (ng/ml)
Secobarbital Barbosec; Bipanal; Bipinal; Evronal; Evronal; Hypotrol; Hyptran; Immenoctal; Immenox; Imesonal; Meballymal; Novosecobarb; Pramil; Quinalbarbital; Quinalbarbitone; Quinalspan; Sebar; Seco 8; Secobarbitone; Seconal;Sedutain; Seotal; Somosal; Synate; Trisomnin; Tuinal 300
Alphenal Phenallymal 150
Amobarbital Amytal; Isomytal; Tuinal 300
Aprobarbital Alurate 200
Butabarbital Barbased; Busodium; Butabarb; Butalan; Butatab; Butatal; Buticaps; Butisol; Medarsed; Nilox; Sarisol; Unicelles 75
Butalbital Allybarbital; Fiorinal; Ratio-Tecnal; Trianal 2,500
Butethal Budorm; Etoval; Hyperbutal; Longanoct; Meonal; Monodorm; Neonal; Sonerile; Soneryl 100
Cyclopentobarbital Allylpental; Cyclopal; Cyclopental; Dormisan 600
Pentobarbital Ancalixir; Cafergot PB; Dorsital; Ethaminal; Mebubarbital; Mebumal; Nebralin; Nembutal; Neodorm; Nova Rectal; Novopentobarb; Rivadorm 300
Phenobarbital Adonal; Aephenal; Agrypnal; Amylofene; Aphenylbarbit; Aphenyletten; Barbenyl; Barbinal; Barbiphen; Barbiphenyl; Barbipil; Barbita; Barbivis; Barbonal; Barbophen; Bardorm; Bartol; Bialminal; Blu-Phen; Cabronal; Calmetten; Calminal; Cardenal; Chinoin; Codibarbita; Coronaletta; Cratecil; Damoral; Dezibarbitur; Dormina; Dormiral; Dormital; Doscalun; Duneryl; Ensobarb; Ensodorm; Epanal; Epidorm; Epilol; Episedal; Epsylone; Eskabarb; Etilfen; Euneryl; Fenbital; Fenemal; Fenosed; Fenylettae; Gardenal; Gardepanyl; Glysoletten; Haplopan; Haplos; Helional; Hennoletten; Henotal; Hypnaletten; Hypnette; Hypno-Tablinetten; Hypnogen; Hypnolone; Hypnoltol; Hysteps; Lefebar; Leonal; Lephebar; Lepinal; Lepinaletten; Linasen; Liquital; Lixophen; Lubergal; Lubrokal; Lumen; Lumesettes; Lumesyn; Luminal; Lumofridetten; Luphenil; Luramin; Molinal; Neurobarb; Nirvonal; Noptil; Nova-Pheno; Nunol; Parkotal; Pharmetten; Phen-Bar; Phenaemal; Phenemal; Phenemalum; Phenobal; Phenobarbyl; Phenoluric; Phenolurio; Phenomet; Phenonyl; Phenoturic; Phenyletten; Phenyral; Phob; Polcominal; Promptonal; Seda-Tablinen; Sedabar; Sedicat; Sedizorin; Sedlyn; Sedofen; Sedonal; Sedonettes; Sevenal; Sinoratox; Solfoton; Solu-Barb; Sombutol; Somnolens; Somnoletten; Somnosan; Somonal; Spasepilin; Starifen; Starilettae; Stental; Talpheno; Teolaxin; Teoloxin; Thenobarbital; Theoloxin; Triabarb; Tridezibarbitur; Triphenatol; Versomnal; Zadoletten; Zadonal 100


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